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You know when you’ve lost the plot :’) via BeFunky
Stupid leg scar… Damn it!
Is it Legal?

Is it legal to feel so alone, to feel like every passing day never gets any better? Listening to a sad song, watching soppy movies thinking “Seems legit” even movies cant go by the book… It seems merely impossible to have some fairytale ending in life and almost impossible to even have a beginning, what happened to gentleman and subtle young ladys, we now have chavs and assholes, people who don’t even know how to love, people wanting to love, just some don’t know how, why is this world so hard? All we want is a soul mate, a person who can be a friend, a best friend, a lover. So what stops all this? I hope i find the answer one day and i hope i don’t find it alone. You may read this like christ girl get a grip, I am getting a grip just not everyone can face the world alone every day of the week, we all have a day or night when we need someone to just be there. Seems like to much to ask for.

Its official…

Being in love with someone who could never love you sucks. :(